People often ask me: How did you do that? or Where did you get that idea? Simply put, it comes from inspired thoughts and taking the time to figure out how and what I need in order to create something. Born and raised in the south, Edgehill, GA to be exact, which happens to be the smallest incorporated city in the state, I noticed the excitement of creating my own environment to be a delicious example of the beauty I saw in my inner universe. So essentially decorating and becoming a self taught artist has become my passion.
I believe the joy of life happens when you notice and enjoy what you love. As those things you love are the tools of life you are suppose to use to create your very own creative reality. The desire and passion to create what you love is the source that makes it. It's not what you make that is important, it's the savory adventure in making it. 
Whether I am painting a mural or filming a craft tutorial, my goal is to allow my cup to overflow with the joy of creating. Along this intention, my wish would be to inspire you to think and know you are the creator of your own creative environment. My services range from canvas work, furniture, murals, decorative finishes and set design however, most importantly I want to be a

co-creator of a Masterpiece you are so brilliantly creating.  Join me as you connect your creativity by believing in it!  


Barry Belcher